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Our donation calculator is based on the average nationwide real estate commission rates of 5-6%. It will vary based upon if you are buying or selling a home, and if you are buying or selling a home directly with our team based in Boulder or with one of our recommended agents outside of the Denver area.

Either way, in all cases, half of the funds collected by Climate Change Realty will be donated to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting climate change. Your donation will likely fall right between the MIN and MAX values presented by this calculator.

See what our client's say about working with us

If you value great communication, above-and-beyond dedication and resourcefulness, then Ethan Shapiro is your guy! Ethan sold my run-down rental house and enthusiastically overcame all the obstacles this Covid year sent our way. Due to Ethan’s frequent updates, I always knew where we were in the process and felt totally supported. Ethan worked consistently hard throughout the transaction, from open houses, contacting local realtors and going door-to-door to alert neighbors of the sale to dealing with deceptive buyers and negotiating the details of the contract. Ethan Shapiro is a truly good person, and I am proud and delighted to have him represent me. I look forward to working with Ethan Shapiro and Climate Change Realty again in the future.
Anne Tobin
Ethan is a conscientious and knowledgeable professional who also deeply cares for the environment. I recommend him to all my friends looking to buy or sell a home, and love that he has a greater mission to his business.
Jimmy Markel
Ethan is a great guy. Really trying to make the world a better place through his enlightened self interest approach. I highly recommend working with him on any real estate deal.
Patricio Lopez
Ethan was a stellar realtor to work with - fun, professional, and 100% willing to do whatever it took to help us land the house of our dreams. At one point, he even tried to forego his fees to make our offer more competitive (thank goodness, it didn't come to that!) - I mean, have you even heard of that before? It was totally above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.
Kika Tuff
My wife and I were new to NH and reached out to Climate Change Realty to help us find a local agent. After listening to our interests and concerns, Ethan was able to connect us to a local agent who was very knowledgeable about every neighborhood in the area. This local agent helped us target specific neighborhoods that met our desires and even helped us see our house the minute it hit the market. The whole experience was great and we got exactly the house we were hoping for. BONUS: a large portion of the realtor fees were donated to helping the environment!
Jared Belinsky
Ethan listened to our wish list, areas of homes we were interested, and he put us in touch with a real estate agent who was knowledgeable of our interests. We were able to find our forever home and we are extremely happy that we were listen to!
Karla Belinsky
Ethan Shapiro helped us close on our first home. The market has been absolutely crazy since covid started and Ethan worked his butt off to make sure we found a home and at a good price, something that has been very hard to achieve in this market. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home. Working with someone who actually cares about helping the world is always refreshing as well.
Izzy Becker
Buying my first home with Climate Change Realty was a great decision! Ethan is the most attentive and persistent real estate agent you'll ever met. Buying our home in one of the worst markets was not an easy task and Ethan made it happen! Highly recommend to anyone. And he actually does donate 50% of his profits to organizations who are fighting climate change! Let's all help make the world a better place.
Jill Park

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We donate 50% of our net commissions to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations dedicated to fighting climate change and support other businesses doing the same work.
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